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We began with the generations that preceded us to ensue to be what we are today. Ruwanpura Gems has been recognised a prominent advocate for precious and semi-precious gem dealership in Sri Lanka. The company proudly holds a history of supplying gem stones since 1985, where our exertions were appreciated by jewelry manufacturers, wholesale buyers and collectors alike as something beyond the scope of ordinary jewelry.

By partaking coloured stones in their jewelry our fathers fought a trend of plain gold assortments with a sense of creativity and innovation that seldom prospered in the ‘90s. What is now Ruwanpura Gems began as Ruwanpura Gold House and Ratnapura Gold House, respectively; the 22KT pure gold jewelry impeding all nuances held against their impetuousness. Despite how risky their ideas wrought to be, they proved a fresh turn for jewelry that would soon turn out into an all out obsession for perfection.

As radical, game-changing ideas usually instigate, their ideas were met with a flurry of reluctance. Craftsmen and employers alike did not want to try the new move for the deviously ancient game. Our fathers held on to their instincts. It was the first time that we were moving onto coloured stones from an industry based on a Gold foundation; the initial icebreaker to the whole whirlwind of beauty and artiste that came with colored stones. The process was slow as it was meticulous, only the best stones went into the manufacture of our gold jewellery. At first, we had watched from behind high counters, dazzled by the color of their imagination, the vivacity of their creation. Little did we know that this amazement would morph into a curiosity that would bludgeon us into a career of jewelry manufacture.

The gems industry was huge and our fathers had to be strategic, taking to divert themselves to the art of colored stones while our uncles ensued the steady production of gold jewelry. By 1998 Ruwanpura Gems existed alongside Ruwanpura Gold House, already exporting gems abroad at an amazing pace. The early 2000s brought us branch sales/office in Bangkok; we extended to Hong Kong by 2010.

Ruwanpura Gems was on for unimpeded growth. Our corporation established two Sri Lankan branches, in Colombo and Ratnapura by late 2010; as of 2012, we found ourselves investing for mining in Madagascar and Mozambique. Recently, in 2014 we have established our North American branch in Greater Chicago Area. Thereby stand the backdrop to our success, which we hope to pursue in the future.

Ruwanpura Gems is dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing. Our carefully selected mining teams follow strict labor and environmental standards, and demonstrate a complete chain of custody for our gemstones.


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